Crum Insurance Agency is an insurance business based out of San Francisco, CA. We provide commercial and health insurance, including brokerage for auto, property, workers compensation, group health, employee benefits insurance.
We aim to help you get the best insurance policies with the best premiums. Regardless of your background or knowledge of the insurance world, we want to help you secure the right policies to set you up for life.

The Founder’s Story.

Hi! I’m Ben Crum, and I welcome you to Crum Insurance Agency

I started in the insurance industry in 1992. I would describe myself as an Entrepreneurial leader with a 20+ year track record of strategic excellence and the proven ability to drive execution. I have demonstrated the ability to anticipate trends and get ahead of the curve to secure a competitive market position. Adept at helping individuals and organizations identify and capitalize on their strengths to create opportunities for success.

Over 17 years Commercial & Residential Construction Company Owner specializing in ICF construction.

Multi-industry experience covering construction, insurance, and consumer packaged goods, technology, and financial services. Known for integrity and a commitment to putting the customer first while maintaining shareholder value.

My Core Expertise include Strategic Planning, Vision, Startup Venture, Business Growth, Revenue Production, Staff Training, Customer Service & Satisfaction, Problem Solving, Operational Leadership, Employee Retention & Loyalty, Strategic Alliances, Efficiency Process, and Improvement

Specialties: advertising, benefits administration, budgeting, business development, business operations, cabling, consulting, credit, customer relations, directing, edge, equities, finance, financial, financial planning, government, insurance, investments, lotus notes, Macromedia director, marketing, outside sales, policy analysis, process engineering, progress, publicity, relationship management, sales, strategic.

Core Values.

Integrity & dedication.

We respect our clients. We strive to provide you with only the most accurate information regarding all the insurance policy areas we cover. When we say we offer competitive quotes, you can take our word for it.


We work for you, and in this regard, we try to learn about you before we offer you anything. Our experts consult with you and listen to your story before creating a policy plan for you. The empathetic nature of our services has helped us retain customers over the years.
Aggressiveness is in our nature. We tend to be ahead of our competition connecting with the best insurance providers in the market and get the best deals for you.